Rod & Moyra welcome you to Hazlefield House. 
At last winter has cast its mantle here in this lovely peaceful corner of South West Scotland!  Spring is showing its unfailingly early promise once again, never letting us down, with new life more apparent every day. On those occasions when the clouds do hang over it's still perfect for birding, walking, cycling and driving on what we believe must be the quietest roads in the UK. 

Our hens continue to show off their garden antics picking their way between the sunshine and showers. They flourish out in the open and usually manage to provide the breakfast table with a ready-supply of daily fresh eggs.

The bees venture from the hives to forage for vital protein obtained in gathered pollen from early flowers:   the better-than-ever this year's snowdrops' displays have come to their end but crocuses, daffs and early flowering shrubs provide their needs, essential for growth and good health. The nectar comes in later when temperatures rise above 12 or so degrees - we as well as they can't wait for more days of double digits! The honey left on for their winter stores  is now getting low as they consume more food when the weather is milder - a dangerous time for bees, not during cold spells but warmer, damper ones until flying conditions become more stable.

We had many nesting garden birds last spring with the return of 3 pairs of house martins successfully rearing their young over the front door.  Pairs of buzzards and red kites are frequently spotted over the house and a fabulous cock pheasant has taken up residence to glean from underneath the bird feeders, in addition to the occasional visiting hare and deer.  The barnacle geese are just about due to return to their Nordic homelands in a few days time but the sheer numbers of them over this winter has been phenomenal.  A splendid sight and sound as they flew in from the shore to the nearby fields for their daily nourishment.  

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We look forward to welcoming you to this most unspoilt region where there is always much going on, whatever the season.

We hope you'll have a really lovely stay with us and we look forward to meeting many old and hopefully some new friends in 2018!